Organic Volcanic Pili Nuts

Organic Volcanic Pili Nut Orchards

Bech’s Organic Pili Nut Farm will be the largest producers of Organic Pili Nuts in the next 5 years, making them ‘THE largest suppliers of organic pili nuts in the world. 200,000+ Pili Trees planted to date. Volcanic Organic Pili nuts are native to the Philippines and are considered a tropical to semi-tropical tree. Almost all parts of the tree are useful commercially. The nut is eaten raw, in which state it has a flavor similar to pumpkin.

spicy pili nutsWhen roasted, the pili nut has a flavor similar to almonds.

The shoots are eaten in salad and the fruit pulp is cooked and eaten.

Learn more about the benefits CLICK HERE This will certainly educate you with all the benefits from that the Pili Nuts have to offer, not just as a food, but also in medicines, cosmetics, to name a few, enjoy looking around and learning more.


“The pulp is nutritious and carries as much nutrition as an avocado. The seeds and other parts can be pressed for cooking oil or for use in cosmetics”

bechs pili nut farm in the highlands of tablas island

The farm is located way up in the highlands at Tablas Island, this is clearly the best climate for the healthy, strong growth of the Organic Pili Nuts. We have access roads all up to the farm and now recently all around the Orchards Phases 3, 4, 5, 6 as well as all the brand new irrigation system we have recently installed.



climate and soilClimatic and Soil Requirements. Pili thrives best in areas where rainfall is almost evenly distributed throughout the year and in sandy loam soil rich in organic matter and in volcanic soils like it is here at Bech’s Organic Pili Nut Farm. The tree is sometimes planted under coconuts, where it has to compete for nutrition and water, but where, in general, they thrive. Soils where volcanic activity has taken place are favorable to the Pili Nut Tree.



pili nuts bunchPili nuts come from the Pili tree (Canarium ovatum) Native to the Philippines, the Pili tree is a hardy rain-forest tree that bears a nut with a very hard pointed shell, which houses the creamy melt in your mouth  nut, Pili nuts have a rich, buttery flavor, often said to be superior to that of almonds and Macadamia nuts. Few people know about the delicious pili nut, never mind the health and beauty benefits behind it, rapidly being classed as the number one Nutritious nut in the world. Pili nuts are like chocolate melting in your mouth effect it has on your taste buds, and the long term health benefits it has on your body.


  volcanic soil mixThe secret to success with the Pili Nut trees is in the Organic volcanic soils that they grow the trees in, all of our trees are given natural organic feeds and supplements 60% of the water is from the rain, the rest is supplied via our irrigation system, creeks and rivers around the farm, all natural, non polluted, pure spring water.




invest organic pili nut farm

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